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Statements of Political Office

The political position is any natural person, whether a client or an actual beneficiary, who has been assigned to him or previously a senior public official in Kuwait or a foreign country. This definition includes heads of state or government, senior politicians, government officials, judicial or military officials, senior executives In state-owned enterprises, and prominent political party officials, any person who is currently or has previously held senior management positions in an international organization, such as directors, deputy directors and members of the board of directors; this term also includes family members up to the second degree or close partners.

Text Messaging Service

Al-Sharq Financial Brokerage Company provides the transaction confirmation service on the Kuwait Stock Exchange with a trading number on my mobile device via SMS, with the obligation to notify the company immediately if changing the mobile number or changing the contact company.
The company does not guarantee the continuation of this service in the event of technical failure or something beyond its control.

Pledge and Commitment

I hereby confirm that I am the actual beneficiary of the account and acknowledge that my account has not been and will not be used in any transactions related to money laundering and terrorist financing. If the company proves otherwise, it has the right to take the necessary and necessary measures stipulated in Law 106 of 2013 and the contents of the sixteenth book Of the Regulations on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.
I confirm that the above statements and documents are true and complete and that I have read and understood the terms and conditions and laws. I undertake to update my data periodically and continuously and inform Orient Financial Brokerage Company in writing immediately after any change occurs without any liability to Al Sharq Financial Brokerage Company. And all orders issued by me are registered, preserved and recoverable at the request of the Commission or in cases determined by law.

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