MG Adel Alghanim Automotive opens new showroom in Jahra

KUWAIT: The Jahra governorate witnessed a special event with the opening of the new MG Adel Alghanim Automotive showroom.

Marzouq Alghanim, Tom Lee and other officials during the inauguration of the new showroom.

Marzouq Alghanim, Tom Lee and other officials during the inauguration of the new showroom.

The event was attended by prominent figures, including Marzouq Alghanim, President of the Sons of Alghanim Group, and Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG.

The opening of this new showroom is part of Adel Alghanim Automotive’s ambitious plans to expand its network of showrooms and provide integrated services to its customers throughout Kuwait. The new showroom includes a spacious display area showcasing the latest range of MG cars, in addition to a service center and a spare parts center, offering a comprehensive experience for customers in the Jahra Governorate and surrounding areas.

In his speech on the occasion, Marzouq Alghanim emphasized the importance of opening this new showroom, saying: “We at the Sons of Alghanim Group believe in the importance of serving our customers in different regions, and we are pleased to open the new MG Adel Alghanim showroom in Jahra today. Through this showroom, we aim to provide a distinctive experience for our customers, where we give them the opportunity to see the latest models of MG cars and benefit from maintenance and spare parts services with the highest quality standards.”

Alghanim also pointed out the company’s future plans, saying: “Our ambition is not limited to opening this showroom, but we seek to strengthen our presence in the Kuwaiti market by opening more showrooms in the near future to be as close as possible to our customers. We affirm our keenness to provide high-quality MG cars at competitive prices to increase our market share.”

For his part, Tom Lee stressed the company’s commitment to leadership in the fields of technology and innovation, saying: “At MG, we aspire to be leaders in the field of technology, development, and innovation. We are committed to providing cars that are distinguished by their high quality and advanced features and offering them to customers at competitive prices. We also affirm our commitment to providing the best customer experience throughout Kuwait, whether through our network of showrooms or maintenance centers spread across different regions.”

It is worth noting that MG Adel Alghanim Motors currently has three showrooms distributed in the areas of Rai, Shuwaikh and Jahra, in addition to 13 maintenance centers throughout Kuwait. The company offers a wide range of MG cars, including sedans, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and electric cars. These cars are distinguished by their elegant designs, advanced technologies, and competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for customers looking for quality and exceptional value.